Yelp: Top 3 Haitian eateries in Miami

A photo and caption submitted to Yelp by Parry B. of Tap Tap’s “goat stew (served with rice and beans, fried plantains), side order of rice and beans and Haitian Cola. Bread is complimentary."

Who better to trust than foodies themselves for the top Haitian restaurants in Miami, NYC, Boston and Montreal?

Everyone’s sense of taste is unique; however, and what some may find to be mouth-watering, others may not. Still, Yelp – or any review site, but Yelp is the definitely the leader of the pack – is a good place to start when researching Haitian eateries in whatever city.

We’ve compiled the Top 3 restaurants by diaspora city based on the highest number of reviews and then rating. We are starting in Miami, and then moving to other cities.

Bon Appétit!

Yelp’s Top 3 Haitian Joints – Miami

Tap Tap Restaurant | 819 5th St | Miami Beach, FL 33139| (305) 672-2898
Reviews: 495
Rating (out of five stars): 4/5
Selected patron review:
“Great Haitan food check out the Malanga fritters & creole shrimp and of course goat meat and mojitos.”

Chef Creole Seafood & Catering | 200 NW 54th St| Miami, FL 33127| (786) 509-7569
Reviews: 81
Rating: 4/5
Selected patron review:
« I don’t really know much about Haitian food. There isn’t another Haitian place I’d rather be eating at… »

Leela’s Restaurant | 5650 NE 2nd Ave | Miami, FL 33137 | (305) 759-0311
Reviews: 22
Rating: 5/5
Selected patron review:
“Pikliz is my new fave condiment, a spicy vinegary cabbage side perfect for the slow-cooked stews from the Island.”