Monnin Family of Port-au-Prince Partners with Haiti Friends for Aqua Art Miami Exhibit


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By Anthony Martinez Beven


he Monnin Family of Port-au-Prince has partnered with the nonprofit Haiti Friends to bring Haitian art and artists back to the global stage, said Gael Monnin, curator of the exhibit featured in Room 205 at the 11th Annual Aqua Art Miami, which runs through Sunday.

The exhibit features several Haitian artists, including many from the Monnin Family’s art gallery and personal collection in Port-au-Prince, one of the oldest Haiti.

« The objective is to create a surprise effect for the crowd, » Gael Monnin said. « We want to show to them, prove to them, that Haiti is not just what you see in the news – especially the art, one of the best things we can offer to the public. »

The exhibit features contemporary artists, such as Gael’s sister Pascale Monnin, surrealists, as well as more traditional ones.

Pascale Monnin’s art (pictured above), she said, is what is considered « mobile art. » « I do pieces that move, and create shadows, » Pascale Monnin said.

She said her hope from people after viewing her art is, « that someone gets stuck in it, makes you dream, interrogates you. »