Miami Food Review: Tap Tap


Photos and Review by Heather Hightower

Simply walking up to the historic building that houses Haitian Miami eatery Tap Tap, it reminds you of an old school house turned restaurant.

The walls, from the front exterior all the way to the rear interior, are covered with the works of Haitian artists — even the rocking chair in the front follows suit covered in the colors of the Haitian flag.

Think colorful island life with heavily scented aromas from the grill. Business men, locals and tourists of different ethnicities swarm in and out for the delicious, authentic Haitian cuisine.

Dining on the porch, day or night, this is the perfect spot to see the comings and goings of South Beach life.

The vibe is cultural and welcoming at this quant South Beach staple. More importantly, the staff is helpful, explaining how traditional Haitian dishes are prepared.

I dined on the “Bef Kalalou Ak Mayi Moulen, » which translates to stewed natural grass fed beef and okra served with cornmeal. From the first bite of this tomato-based dish, you can tell the beef was stewed for hours. It was extremely tender and paired perfectly with okra. Served with a side of corn meal mixed with black beans and sauce, the waitress was right, I enjoyed every bite of it.

Before dashing out, I recommend trying the Benyen for desert. These delectable banana fritters were fried with my inner kid in mind. Topped with powdered sugar, every bite was crispy and moist.

The restaurant, which features a full bar, stood up to its reputation with Caribbean fare that was just as delightful as the staff.

Visit Tap Tap at 819 5th St. Miami Beach, FL 33139, or online,