Haiti’s Dynamic Duo


Sandro Saintfleur and Gilbert Pierre are the filmmakers that make up the dynamic duo known as JBPro Films. These two producers are working hard to change the perception of Haitian cinema. Known for mostly romance and drama films, they are also delving into action, horror and comedy genres. In the future they are planning on exploring science fiction as well.

The pair’s most recent project “Cause and Effect” was premiered at a Miami red carpet event in December 2015. This film is about a desperate and lonely wife and her failed attempts to get her workaholic husband’s attention. Eventually she goes outside of the marriage, and enters the seedy, dark underworld of drugs and violence, where her unfortunate fate is sealed. The film then focuses on the husband and his struggles to take care of their only daughter.

Upcoming projects include a narrative story being told by a therapist; the objective is to show the patients what can happen if they don’t settle their differences. Unbeknown to the patients, the therapist also has his own issues. One of them being his difficulties in dealing with women. This little plot twist changes the whole outcome of the story, and you’ll be in suspense not knowing what to expect next. This as-yet-untitled film is scheduled for release in late summer 2016.

The two have worked with Haitian actors and actresses such as Chelo Chelo, Kervens Pierre, Star Lovely, Ziggy and more.

Their passion for cinema is evident in the films they make. Gilbert remarks “My passion is to make movies. I don’t see myself doing anything else but making motion pictures.”

For more information on their next projects you can keep up with them here:

Facebook: Gilbert Pierre
Instagram: Jbpro305

Facebook: Sandro Saintfleur
Instagram: Jbpro_305
Instagram: BrickDaGeneral_jbpro