Frank Delour : Living the Dream


To many, the life of a professional DJ and music producer sounds like a dream. Well Frank Delour is living that dream. Delour is a music producer, DJ, and luxury marketing consultant. His impressive client list includes notables such as Vogue, Gucci, Rolex and GQ to name a few. His long and exciting career in the music business began in 1994, he remarks about being told by directors “Hey, you do dance music one day and urban music the next, you have to choose…. you are never going to be successful unless you choose one style. But I have never chosen, and 21 years later I am still here in the business.

Frank Delour speaks both proudly and inquiringly about is Haitian heritage, and his past trips to the island. He has made three trips to Haiti in the past, twice for a fashion and fundraising event known as the Feline Party, and once for a New Years Eve party. Delour’s first trip to Haiti was just two years after the earthquake and he describes it as “touching … the first time that I saw that level of poverty first hand, and it was mind-blowing to me to see that level of poverty and then in contrast be out there with the elite Haitians who, of course they felt the tragedy but economically weren’t effected at all.” He goes on to say “I felt a little guilty and I felt very, very humbled by the experience and even more blessed because I realized the great divide. It became more of a reality…. It was kind of a heart-wrenching experience for me.” About returning to the island he states “I would love to go back. It was a beautiful country.”

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Lilith Dorsey